Is Your Website an Asset (or Liability)

We Build Websites that are Assets

Simply put, an asset is something that puts money back into your business, restaurant or medical practice. A liability does not. So how does a website become an asset? The answer is traffic! A website that is generating online customer traffic to your business is an asset.

The online marketing team at PhysVisible

Analytics Tell the Story

How do you know if your website is generating traffic? Your analytics will tell the story. You should be receiving a monthly report showing you key benchmarks:

  1. Total Visitors to your Website
  2. New Visitors to your Website
  3. Total Phone Calls Generated from your Website
  4. Total Emails Generated from your Website

Most reports will show you what keywords you are ranking for, the position your website is on the search engines and how visible you are.

Are Your Services Being Found Online?

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